Seminars and Conferences

Take advantage of our different seminar venues. Starting with our cozy grill-tepee which seats up to 35 to the largest tepee in Europe seating up to 300 round a massive fireplace.


Why not take your next seminar away from the city! We host seminars, conferences, training sessions and business meetings.

A Seminar full of positive emotions and energy

  • Since Raudsilla isn’t far from Tallinn single day seminars are often held here. But wouldn’t it be a better idea to spend the night and after a breakfast by the river spend your second day in our adventure park?
  • We have numerous venues for a seminar depending on your wishes and needs. Our large tepee, grill tepee, sitting outside listening to the river or why not in a sauna!
  • All necessary presentation equipment is provided- data projector, screen, whiteboard.
  • Lunch straight from our outdoor kitchen.
  • After lunch it might be a good idea to take a nature tour, an adventure activity or learn the traits of our blacksmith.
  • Ancient saunas- Large sauna has a pool and fits up to 40 guests. Small sauna is inside a wooden tepee and fits up to 20 guests.
  • Delicious buffet from local ingredients.
  • Accomodation for up to 95 guests.
  • Refreshing breakfast.
There are many unusual and interesting seminar venues at Raudsilla

Did you know?

Blockhome- a leading German woodworking magazine recommends Raudsilla as a unique seminar venue. What is more, Estonian Woodhouse Association had it’s international conference at Raudsilla. During which Raudsilla received a high praize from all participants.

Clients love us

We would like to give a special thanks to your chefs. The food was really delicious and of a high standard.
Niina and Hillar Seeberg
The complex was really cool. Cosy grill tepee, where you can have a meeting and dance later.
Jaana ToomiAuto Forte Tallinn
It’s hard to match the saunas at Raudsilla.
Jaanika JundasCenter of Registers and Information Systems

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