How did our ancestors live?

Raudsilla is the perfect location for a back to the roots experience. Learn to survive, make fire cooked foods, forge your own tools and much more.

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Ancient Workshops

The real pearl of Raudsilla are our ancient workshops which go together perfectly with our environment.

Ancient fire cooked foods:
Ancient chef introduces different age-old foods and cooking methods. Participants learn how different foods are made and get to taste them as well.
Methods used: fire stewed porridge, cooking meat on a rock, root vegetables prepared in hot ash curing fish on wood, roasting fish, cooking chicken in a cocoon, smoking meat.


“Väega joomad”:
How to mix beer with ancient herbs? How to make shots with healing properties? How to boil delicious sugar based drinks? How to gather souls from wine? How to make klarett? All of this is taught by our herbalist who also places healing spells on everyone’s drinks.

Magical Herbs:
We know the magic and healing powers of many plants. These plants grow all around us. Guides familiarize participants with different plants growing near Raudsilla and how they affect your organism. Everyone gets to make their own healing potions!

Runic Magic:
In the pre-Christian Germanic worldview, the spoken word possesses frightfully strong creative powers. Our guide into the world of runic writing will teach the participants this mysterious language and the ways to effectively use it. Everyone gets to make their very own family sign.

Ancient Ironworking class:
An exclusive class where participants are taught the ways and methods of ancient Estonian smiths. Over a live fire and on a rock! Everyone gets to make something from boiling iron for themselves.

Sauna Training:
Sauna is the oldest hygene method in the Nordic region. The sauna master will tell the story of 10 000 years of sauna history. Which will be followed by a whisking tutorial.After participants have tried to make their own whisks it’s time to put your new sauna skills to good use. The sauna master is well acquainted with Finnish, Siberian and Indian sauna traditions.


Clients love us

Thank you! Everything was cool and went smoothly.
I was asked to point out, that the dinner table was exciting and plentiful. Also Raudsilla sauna traning receives the highest praise from us!
PeepTelia Eesti AS
The sauna was wonderful and the food was delicious. Even now my mouth is still watering when I think of the fish fillet made on coals.
Helbe KärberPort Of Tallinn

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