Terms of use

What is allowed in our complex?

  • The right of use of Raudsilla Entertainment Complex begins on the day of arrival at 1.00 pm, provided that an agreed fee has been paid.
  • Rooms must be vacated by 11 am on the day of departure. Other times are by individual agreement.
  • There may not be more people on the territory other than previously agreed.
  • The premises must be returned in the same condition as they were at the moment of giving the user. All broken or damaged items are required to be compensated by the user for their market value.
  • If, after leaving, the company’s premises require special cleaning, the user undertakes to pay a fine of 300€ and also pay a special cleaning fee on the invoice.
    • any activity that may disturb others and endanger themselves and others; the grantor has the right to summon the offenders of the respective rule and/or prohibit their stay on the territory of the company;
    • indoor smoking;
    • littering on the territory;
    • open fire and making a campfire in a place not intended for that purpose;
    • eating and drinking in accommodation areas;
    • moving the property out of the site without prior agreement;
    • using fireworks;
  • while using hot tubs (indoor and outdoor) it is strictly forbidden to:
    • for children to use the tubs without adult supervision;
    • Jump into water (ladder used to enter and exit the tub);
    • be under the influence (of alcohol);
  • while using water bodies it is strictly forbidden to:
    • for children to be left unattended;
    • jump into water;
    • swim while being intoxicated;

Open fire (including candle) is only allowed when it has been agreed beforehand with Raudsilla Project Manager.
Open fire (including candle) is not allowed in Raudsilla Large Tepee bar.

NB! We allow only environmentally friendly detergents!

  • Prudent and caring use:
    • the visitor is responsible for his/her own health (and, if necessary, and others) and safety;
    • when using hot tubs, watercourses and saunas, the visitor confirms that he/she has sufficient physical abilities, skills and health to safely use the service provided. Adults are responsible for the skills and health of their children.
    • the visitor keeps the site (company) in good order and cleanliness;
    • visitor preserves the nature;

NB! Raudsilla reserves the right to adjust the sound levels if necessary

Raudsilla is not responsible for any personal belongings.