A wide variety of different activities

Raudsilla Entertainment Complex has activities to suit all different kinds of guests. Ranging from extreme adventure activities to peaceful workshops.


Adventure activities

Survival course

We can never know when disaster will strike. A catastrophe doesn’t have to be worldwide. Floods, shipwrecks near the coast and snowstorms can be a reality much more often. Raudsilla survival course teaches the participants how to purify water, how to keep warm, how to make fire without matches, how to turn your freezing car into a warm hut, what precautions should be taken, how to make a torch out of a beer can and much more.


New team building game with tablet computers on the field which requires good reaction and action plan adaptation according to the changing game situation. Leaded by the tablet it is necessary to find checkpoints, answer questions and solve tasks. In this game there is pleasantly physical movement and moderately planning. 100 MÖLKI is like a big quiz on the landscape which can be played in any time!


Encrypting the others’ conversations and finding correct answers from their talk is fun and exciting! CIA is like a big alias game all together on a large area! Challenge your team – can you pass your messages the way that other players do not understand you? Are you smart enough to read out good hints from other teams “coded” talk? Extra equipment on the landscape is: classical map, compass and radio transmitter.


Loquiz is a particular team game on the field, which is won by the team that answers the fewest number of questions! The game is leaded by a tablet computer, but there is also a lot of physical movement on the landscape. In this game a 5-member team needs to create a workable strategy, constantly make decisions for direction and suitable strategy, be ready to take risks and challenge their knowledge. Loquiz is the game with original scheme where the best strategist wins!


Treasure hunt is a classical adventure game, where you find yourself using an old textile map and compass, puzzling and doing exercises which develop your team spirit. Meanwhile you need to keep in mind that other teams are hunting the treasure as well and for winning the game it is necessary to be clever! Game itself is about calm walking, but finding the treasure in the finale is fast and full of surprises! In treasure hunt game there are new and unseen team exercises!

Photo Hunt

Classical team game which always brings you success! If you want a game which enables to relax from long seminar day without stressful thinking, planning or extra effort then photo hunt is the best choice! This belongs to the golden fund of team games as a fun entertainment where teams are looking for locations according to old photos and directing fun situations exactly in the same place! Watching hunting results on the big screen and commenting the situations makes evening very enthralling!

Film Festival

According to the legend the movies which have to be presented on the local film festival have gone lost. Saving the situation it is necessary to do all of what can be done by attendance. There are cameras, other film production equipment and also enterprising colleagues! So your task is to record some trailers and video clips which will be shown on the film gala. This game brings out all the creativity and humorous side of your teammates and gives long-lasting fun memories. 3 hours of fun guaranteed!

Raudsilla DISCGOLF

New Estonian national sport! Disc golf is rather calm but at the same time very exciting. Great activity after adventure games. It can be separate action for small groups or part of a big summer event. In quickly learned game you need to throw special flying disks trough eight different tracks into baskets which are situated on the landscape. Winner is the one who is doing less shots like in golf. An easy game which brings up real excitement! Especially cool is to play in darkness with glowing disks and lighted baskets!


New, entertaining game , which is spreading like wildfire all over the world is now mobile! You can enter into the house but you need to figure yourself out. Mobile exit room has its own legend. 3-5 people in the forest find themselves suddenly inside of abandoned summer cottage. After the door closes, horror circumstances appear. Starts 30 tense minutes to figure out great variety of puzzle riddles. Effective teamwork is necessary to be successful! Exit room can be combined with other activities during big event or be as main activity for small events.

Team Games and Costume Parties


No Easy Day is a team training activity which have got an inspiration from real operations and where the most important tool is communication. This is pure teamwork not only fun activity. Headquarter follows their spies from big screen and guides them to different checkpoints on unknown terrain using only a radio transmitter. Forwarding messages but also general communication improves in minutes!


Teamwork Olympics event consists of several team exercises which take place in one area without long hiking trip. Your team communication and leadership skills will be challenged with various teamwork exercises. During practice those features will be developed and definitely they will be brought over in work environment. All exercises are playful and fun!


Money Race is meant for big groups whose players are fast, sharp-witted and with high team spirit! In that game you have to use both – your brain and feet, because that’s what you do if you compete for money! It is orienteering game on a field that demands strategic planning and have 4 classical teamwork exercises. Special game machine gives tasks, shows map and leads the game. It is possible to connect game content and purpose with event topic – Customer rally, Energy rally, Safari etc.


There are so many bogs in Estonia that with a short car drive you can find yourself in true nature! With bog-shoes you can enjoy the nature through all year. After workday it is a good idea to go and enjoy bog landscape in untouched nature. Hike is passing with low pace and everyone who can hike on foot can handle bog-shoeing tour. More nature stories, than rushing! From us there are tour guides, bog-shoes and hiking gaiters. It is possible to add bog-bingo or teamwork exercises into your tour for free!

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It was sad that we had to leave in the evening. We should definitely come back. With a larger group and for a longer period of time.
Maigi PeeduliInfovara
Raudsilla is addictive. It never stops drawing us back.
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It’s nice to collaborate with dedicated and professional people!
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