Food at Raudsilla

Our chefs are ready to cook everything for you

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  • Chicken soup.
  • beetroot-vegetable soup with or without meat.
  • Fish soup.
  • Creamy pumpkin-ginger puree soup with roasted seeds and crispy bread crumbs.
  • Beef soup.
  • Farmer’s soup (meat-groat-potato soup).

Warm dishes

  • Spicy chicken fried rice with vegetable and orange-curry sauce.
  • Oven cooked pork neck, crispy unpeeled potatoes, mustard-onion sauce, grated salad .
  • Tomato pork, vegetable patty, grated salad.


  • Beef patty stewed in dark beer, with salad.
  • Pork shashlik, adjika sauce, crispy potato and grated salad (up to 70 people).
  • Juicy BBQ pork tenderloin in red vine and blackcurrant sauce, unpeeled potatoes, vegetable patty and salad.
  • Indian like lamb meatballs, vegetable rice and salad (up to 70 people).
  • BBQ chicken fillet in orange-lime sauce, pumpkin orzotto and salad (up to 70 people).
  • Juicy salmon fillet in smoked cheese sauce, potato patty and salad.


  • Lime and honey grilled bananas with vanilla ice cream (up to 30 people).
  • Ground grains foam with crispy bread crumbs and Kamavaht krõbeda leivapuru ja cowberry jam.
  • Applepie with vanilla saunce.
  • Classical tiramisu.
  • Pretzel.
  • Fruit.

Snacks for sauna

  • Rich snack tray with pickled vegetable and selection of fish and meat.

For greeting drink

  • Strawberries in dark chocolate.
  • Cheese and fruit tray.

Large snacks I

  • Spicy meatloaf with crispy hemp seeds.
  • Chicken Kanamaksapasteet seemneleivaga.
  • Layered herring platter.
  • Roasted vegetables with cheese sauce.
  • Wraps with carrot hummus and vegetables.
  • Buchwheat salad with Indian peanuts.
  • Raudsilla’s Potato salad with torn pork.

Large snacks II

  • Gently salt salmon marinated with horseraddish, together with asparagus and broccoli and egg cream.
  • Chicken roulade with smoked salmon and spinach filling.
  • Rabbit meat jelly.
  • Medium duck fillet with cherry-garden thyme tea sauce and caramelized pears.
  • smoked herring with pickled onion.
  • Grilled marinated mediterranean vegetables.
  • Cous-cous salad with orange and dried cranberries.
  • Roasted duck meat salad with stewed groats and Röstitud pardilihasalat hautatud tangude ja anchovies sauce.


  • Oatmeal porridge with jam.
  • Buchwheat porridge with vegetable and butter (up to 50 people).
  • Muesli with yogurt and fruit.
  • Egg dish with vegetables.
  • Solyanka soup.
  • Sandwiches.


Our chefs are very kind and are ready to cook everything else requested.

We also cook vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free dishes.


What customers have to say?

Everybody loved your complex and there were plenty of extreme factors!
IngraKoopia Niini & Rauam
A lot of effort has been put into this complex and it’s very well thought out.
Jaanika JundasCenter of Registers and Information Systems
We left with fond memories, overcome fears and some bruises- but thats all part of it!

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