Unique accommodation for up to 110 quests

Guests can choose between cosy tepees or a number of dormitories.


Raudsilla offers guests a different accommodation experience. Sleeping next to cascading water in a wooden teepee is definitely something beautiful, refreshing and unique. Overall Raudsilla accommodates up to 110 quests in teepees and 3 different houses.


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Clients love us

I’m sincerely happy that we could have a second memorable summer event at Raudsilla.
Kadri RebaneFujitsu
I’m very thankful that you let me spend a night listening to the river and birds. You have a wonderful location.
Margit Tomson
It’s bracing to jump into the river during winter. What is more, sleeping in snow covered tepees is a unique experience.
Auto Forte Tallinn

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